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Shimano Advanced Power Pliers

Shimano Advanced Power Pliers

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Shimano Advanced Power Pliers are great for many things while fishing.  The split ring nose allows for easy change of hooks or split rings.  The cutter works great on both monofilament lines as well as braided lines.  
If you need to crimp smaller crimps for leaders or rigging, it has that too.  The corrosion-resistant coating will keep them moving smoothly for years to come.  Just be sure to rinse them after saltwater use.  The soft touch handles make it easy to use even while your hands are wet and slimy.  
A convenient lock keeps them closed while not in use and the two ring holes at the end of each handle allow you to attach a lanyard to them so you don't loose your Shimano Advanced Power Pliers.
  • The shimano power pliers feature a soft grip handle allowing for increased grip even when your hands are wet
  • The fluorine coating provides increased corrosion-resistance and the serrated blades will cut through any braided fishing line
  • These pliers are spring loaded and are outfitted with a one-finger lock for easy storage
  • The 6" advanced plier is best used for inshore and freshwater applications and uses #1 - #5 split rings
  • The 7" power plier is best used for offshore and big inshore applications and uses #5 / #11 split rings

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