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Shimano Reel Covers

Shimano Reel Covers

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If you need a cover for your spinning, conventional, or bait casting reel, the Shimano Reel Cover fit's all Shimano reels but also other brands as well.  It's made of neoprene material which will protect your reel from scratches and blemishes.  

The padding is sufficient enough to protect it but thin enough so that it's not bulky.  It attaches with a premium velcro strap and has vented holes to allow for moisture to escape.

As with all the models, they can be attached to your reel and remain on the rod.  The spinning version actually wraps around the rod keeping it and your reel secure and safe.  These fit both left and right hand reels but the logo may be upside down on left handed reels.  Shimano puts a "1" on the left hand reels model number to indicate they are left handed.  For example, the right hand is a Tranx 400 is left hand and the 401. Wondering what size you need for your reel, check out the information below.

The medium round cover will fit Shimano 300 size and 400 size Curado and Tranx reels but it will be loose fitting.  As of February 2024, Shimano doesn't make a cover to fit these reels tightly.  

ANRC820 BAITCAST Calcis 100, 200 series, Callisto 100 series, Castaic 200 series, Chronarch 100, 50 Series, Citica 200 Series, Coriolis 100 Series, Crestfire 100 Series, Curado 100
ANRC830 SMALL Calcutta 250, 200 150, 100, 50 Series, Calcutta TE 300, 200, 100, 50 Series, Calcutta TE DC 250, 200, 100 Series, Cardiff 300, 200, 100 Series, Corvalus 300, 200 Series
ANRC840 MEDIUM Calcutta 700, 400 Series, Calcutta TE 700, 400 Series, Cardiff 400 series, Catala 400, 300 series, Corsair 400A, 300A series, Corvalus 400 Series, Tekota 600, 500, TLD Star 20/40S, 15/30S, Torium 20, 30, 16, Speedmaster IV, Trinidad 40N, 30, 20, 16, 16N, 14, 12, TR2000LD, 1000LD, TRN200G, 100G, Charter Special, Tranx 500 and Tranx 501, Curado 300 and 301(loose fit), Tranx 300, 301, 400, 401(loose fit)
ANRC850 LARGE Tekota 800/700, Tiagra 20, 16, 12, TLD 25, 20, 25, TLD-Star 30, TLD 2 Speed 30II, 20II, Trinidad 50, 40
ANRC860 XL Tiagra 50WLRS, 50W, 50, 30W, 30WLRS, 30, TLD 2-Speed 50llLRS, 50ll

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ITEM NAME Size Color Fits
Shimano Spinning Reel Cover Small Blue/Black 500-1500
Shimano Spinning Reel Cover Medium Blue/Black 2000-6000
Shimano Spinning Reel Cover Large Blue/Black 8000 and Up
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