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Shimano Torium A Reel

Shimano Torium A Reel

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The Shimano Torium A Star Drag Reels are packed with new features. They are more compact and rigid with a one piece frame and smaller side plate   This powerful saltwater conventional reel offers excellent castability and durability with more drag and a lighter more compact profile.  The new Torium A is sure to find a spot in your reel line-up.

Size 16 - 46 inches per crank - Mono 16/450, 20/320, 25/260 - Braid 50,530, 65/330, 80/250

24 # Drag - 3 + 1 bearings - 6.2:1 ratio - 18.9 ounces

Size 20 - 46 inches per crank - Mono 20/420, 25/340, 30/280 - Braid 50,710, 65/375, 80/310

24 # Drag - 3 + 1 bearings - 6.2:1 ratio - 19.2 ounces

Size 30 - 46 inches per crank - Mono 25/420, 30/350, 40/260 - Braid 50,1015, 65/515, 80/415

24 # Drag - 3 + 1 bearings - 6.2:1 ratio - 19.8 ounces

  • S Compact Body: Power-Rigidity-Durability, results in a reel that feels one size smaller in your hand. The B side plate is all one piece contributing to both rigidity and in-the-hand palming comfort. The A side side plate has the handle, drag adjustment and cast control knob.
  • E.I. is a second layer of surface treatment that is added after the anodizing process. This treatment is forced into any micro sized surface impurities, giving salt no place to adhere thus preventing corrosion.
  • Cross Carbon Drag: The ideal material for the high drag pressure setting, with smoothness and consistent performance.
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