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Shimano Tranx 400A Reels

Shimano Tranx 400A Reels

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The Shimano Tranx 400A fishing reel features some of the most powerful and smooth performance ever made!  It is available with a dual paddle handle in the 400A and a single power handle in the 400AHG.  This reel will handle most anything that swims in freshwater and saltwater with it's massive cranking power and smooth effortless retrieve.  The Tranx is made for catching big fish due to it's reinforced Hagane body, X-Ship, and HEG (High Efficiency Gearing.)  Shimano's Core Protect technology provides long-lasting durability even in the harshest environments.  

We like the sleek styling, large handle, and the power of X-Ship in the Tranx 400A.  The massive gear and HEG gearing gives this a strong and powerful stance ready to throw swimbaits or catch yellowtail.  The low profile also fits well in hand and long distance casting is a breeze.  The Tranx 400A is in a league of it's own and we are sure you will like it as much as we do.

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Inches Per Crank

Gear Ratio Mono/Fluoro Power Pro Drag Bearings Weight
400A and 401A 30 5.8:1

12/330,14/260, 20/160 


50/275, 65/170, 80,140 22 5+1 12oz
400AHG and 401AHG 40 7.6:1

12/330,14/260, 20/160

50/275, 65/170, 80,140 18 5+1 12oz



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